The little thing that will help your athlete have confidence in herself

I have mentored and coached 100s and 100s of girl athletes now and it’s safe to say almost none of them had a pre-game mindset routine. Meaning, none of them did anything to prepare for their games mentally. To create confidence before going into their games. 

There is one little thing that will help your athlete have confidence in herself.

That one little thing is watching a Confidence Reel of herself before games. AKA, a video she puts together of herself succeeding multiple times!

This is visualization in the form of video! Visualization is a powerful mental training skill because it triggers the parts of your brain that make you think you really did something that you imagined. Meaning, when you visualize yourself being successful at something, your brain believes it’s real! 

Your athlete doing this one little thing can make such a huge difference in her confidence AND it’s something simple and fun. 

Here are a few responses from girl athletes I’ve worked with that have used a Confidence Reel: 

"Watching my highlight videos before games help me a lot with visualization and seeing exactly what I want to achieve. It also helps build confidence before stepping on the field by seeing what I’m capable of." - Jamison 

"My confidence reel helps remind me that I have put in the work and have the skills needed to perform well. I have succeeded before and I can do it again. It reminds me of why I play softball and the big goals I want to accomplish. It allows me to let go of fear and anxiety and helps give me confidence before my game!" - Talyn

"My highlight videos remind me of what I can do and what I am capable of!" - Avery

I will teach your daughter how to add this one little thing to have confidence in herself. 

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💕 Paige

P.S. There is even a challenge to get her to take action on doing this one little thing! 

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