This is what mental preparation looks like

Apr 17, 2023

This is what mental preparation looks like. Nothing fancy, simply visualizing what SHE wants instead of letting her mind spiral 🌀to all the doubt, fear, and negative outcomes.

Visualization is one of the most powerful mental training skills your daughter can use. When you visualize yourself succeeding (getting the hit, making a play under pressure, executing when your team needs you most), your brain is tricking your body into thinking you really did that thing physically, even though you only saw it in your mind. Meaning… if your daughter is working tirelessly physically and not seeing the results she wants, she could add this simple tool to her game and it could be the missing piece she’s needed all along to finally feel confidence in all her preparation.

Does your daughter need this?! Does your team need this?! I’ve got you! Did you know that my Game Ready Confidence (pre-game mindset routine) teaches to use visualization and has a bonus add-on to get a guided visualization mp3 by me?! You can grab that here.


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