Unlock Your Winning Mindset: Pre-Game Journaling for Success!


Get ready for your daughter to dominate her next game with a powerful mental strategy: pre-game journaling!

We all know preparation is key, but what if you could tap into the power of past victories to boost your confidence and focus? Here's how journaling can unlock your winning mindset. Share this with your athlete:

  1. Remember Your Wins: Take a few minutes before your next game to reflect on past successes. Write down a specific game or situation where you performed at your peak. Detail the plays, shots, or decisions that led to your success.
  2. Relive the Feeling: As you write, vividly recall the emotions you felt during that peak performance. This could be confidence, calmness, determination – whatever fueled your victory.
  3. Visualize for Today: Now, use that positive energy to visualize your upcoming game. Imagine yourself replicating that winning performance. See yourself executing those plays, overcoming challenges, and achieving victory.

Benefits of Pre-Game Journaling:

👏 Boosts Confidence: Recalling past triumphs reminds you of your capabilities.

Improves Focus: Visualization channels your mental energy towards your goals.

Reduces Anxiety: Positive self-talk and visualization promotes calmness and control.

Give it a Try!

Make journaling a pre-game routine.  Whether it's 5 minutes or 15 minutes, allow yourself to tap into the power of your past successes. You'll be amazed at how journaling can impact your mindset and performance.

Ready to take it a step further? I actually have exactly what you need for this. In less than 20 minutes, your daughter can learn how to be confident before her game by preparing mentally using my Game Ready Confidence Tool!

Stay focused, stay confident, and go get that win!


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