What Champion Teams Believe

Apr 02, 2023

I often think about the Oklahoma Softball program coached by Patty Gasso and what they have accomplished and created. If you aren’t familiar with the college softball world, Oklahoma has been one of the most dominant teams in softball history.

🔥14 Conference Titles
🔥15 NCAA Women’s College World Series Tournament Appearances
🔥6 NCAA Women’s College World Series Championships… SIX!

In 2022, this team put up these records…
👊Won 30 of it’s 36 games by run-rule
👊Outscored opponents 354-27
👊Hit homers in 30 of it’s 36 games
👊4 players had at LEAST 10 home runs
👊Jocelyn Alo broke the NCAA DI home run record with her 96th career home run

This is incredible.

I have been drilling it into the girls I mentor that ANYTHING is possible. This team, this program has already proved what’s possible. So, why not her?! I want each girl I work with to know she is 100000% capable of this. It starts with her thoughts. What she thinks. You become what you think!

I try to imagine what these girls think about when they go up to bat… and I’m pretty sure it probably sounds like this…
👉I’m getting a hit no matter who you are and how great you might think you are.
👉I can hit anything you throw me.
👉I feel bad for my opponent that has to go against me.

NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS. In order to believe something, you have to think and act like it first.

Why not your daughter?! Don’t let her get in her own way.


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