What the college level girls are doing… 🤔🤔

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Last weekend, I was able to watch a ton of college softball. This was always my favorite weekend playing because it was the first weekend and we always played in Arizona at the ASU tournament. I’ll never forget my first game ever as a division 1 softball player. I got the start as a freshman catcher against Oklahoma (nothin’ like your first at bat against Keilani Ricketts)!

Besides the fact that this first weekend in February always takes me back to the glory days (well, with lots of ups and downs) I had so many thoughts and huge takeaways for muh girls!! 🤗

Here it goes! ⬇️⬇️

1️⃣Your investment and focus is EVERYTHING!
I watched these big time teams, Northwestern, Tennessee, ASU, Arizona, Utah, etc. and what I noticed was that every single girl that was on that field (pitcher, infield, outfield, the bench) were FREAKIN’👏 dialed👏 in👏!

What does that mean?
💥 They moved around each pitch B R I N G I N G the energy!
💥 They communicated with PASSION!
💥 They were SET when the pitch was thrown.
💥 They were ready to GO!

2️⃣Your presence is powerful!
As I watched my team (Northwestern), there was one girl that stood out to me the most. The third baseman. Not because she had the most home runs or made a game changing catch -- although she’s probably done those things before, but…
⚡️She was the ENERGY!
⚡️She was the LIFE!
⚡️She was the HEART!
⚡️She took care of her teammates!
⚡️She walked around with a purpose!
This is what a coach wants on their team. This gives you confidence. This is what separates you from the rest.
3️⃣Your perspective is your reality
I watched a lot of girls rock it at the plate and a lot of girls that failed at the plate.

Here’s the thing… if you are thinking, “Hitting is hard,” it’s going to be hard.

If you start thinking, “Hitting is easy,” it’s going to be a whole heck of a lot easier.

The girls that rocked it at the plate -- you could just tell by the way they walked up that this was easy. They were going to get a hit no matter who that pitcher was. Hint: they didn’t always get the hit, but they did the next time!!

⭐️This is what it takes to be the best. ⭐️To play at the college level. ⭐️The next level.

Where can you get better?! 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

You've got this girl! 💕


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