What to do when your dad yells at you

I want to preface this with, I love my dad! 💗

But… been there, done that. 😬😬😬

Just like in anything, we aren’t perfect. Sometimes we yell.

This is always really tough because underneath all the emotions, yelling, or tough conversations, everyone just cares... A LOT.

Your dad or mom probably yells at you or gets upset with you because they know you are capable of SO MUCH!

But, it still hurts. It’s still so frustrating in the moment.

Here’s what you do in this situation…

1️⃣ Be respectful. Ignoring, rolling eyes, being rude doesn’t help in this situation.

2️⃣ Listen, but detach the emotions and the message. Try your best to hear the message without the anger, frustration, negativity. Figure out how you can learn from what his/her message is.

3️⃣ Know what you can control >> your reaction, your attitude, your interpretation.

4️⃣ Afterwards when things have settled down a bit, ask your dad/mom to have a conversation so you can set a boundary for yourself (see what a boundary is below).

Setting boundaries is crucial for any relationships you have (with coaches, parents, friends, teammates, siblings, boyfriends, etc.)

A boundary is set to protect you and your confidence.

👉 Set up time to talk about setting a boundary.

👉 Tell that person what you need from them and why.

Example: I need 45 minutes after the game to talk about it, so I can do my own reflection first.

👉 Be consistent with it!

What if that person doesn’t follow your boundary?

This is likely to happen. We’re human! We forget new habits easily.

You just have to keep reminding that person about the boundary… nicely :)

This is going to create a much better, stronger, enjoyable relationship with your parents!

Comment below with what boundaries you need! ⬇️⬇️⬇️

I can’t wait to hear!

Keep on keepin’ on,
💕 Paige

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