What You Say to Yourself Matters!

Jul 14, 2019

You are what you say you are. 🤔

Kind of like you are what you eat. I tell my girls, “If you eat doughnuts for breakfast lunch, and dinner, you’ll probably look like a fluffy doughnut someday.” 🍩🍩🍩

So, if you tell yourself crappy, negative, horrible things, you’ll probably show up in life, perform, and compete like those things you just told yourself. 💩💩💩

I used to tell myself...
🤮 I’d never be a great hitter.
🤢 I’d never get awards or honors.
🤮 I’d never be the starting catcher.
🤢 I suck at writing papers.
🤮 I am a bad test taker.
🤮🤢🤮 There was more... meaner, nastier, crappier thoughts.

I told myself these stories about how I was just a below average hitter and I only make the lineup because I can catch.

Bull💩! Excuse my language.

I made the lineup because I worked my 🍑 off!!

It’s time to put a 🛑 to these stories we make up or that other people have made up for you. WE get to create what stories we want for US!

What’s your story?! 📝

Tell me what kind of story you are writing for yourself below in the comments!! 👇👇

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