When you feel good, you play good!

May 23, 2021

Warming up body:

😄Pre-game warm ups with your team = normal

😄Stretching = normal


Warming up mind:

🤔Mindset warm up = not normal

🤔Confidence warm up = not normal

🤔Pre-game visualization = not normal

🤔Journaling before game = not normal

You guys! 😳😱😬

We have to start making warming up our mind NORMAL! 🤗

Having a pre-game routine, not just warming up with your team, is going to be a game-changer with your confidence.


⬇️Here are some things you can do to add to your pre-game routine to feel confident, excited, motivated, and ready to freakin' GOOOOO!

🧠Visualize what you want to happen in your game

🧠Write down powerful affirmations


🧠Watch a highlight video or videos of you crushing it (save to album)


🧠Listen to music

🧠Write down what you are grateful for (good and challenges)

What is your favorite thing to do for pre-game routine? Reply here! 

Keep on keepin' on!


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