Why am I not feeling confident?

May 17, 2021

Reasons you aren't confident…

➡️Your pre-game warm up with your team determines how confident you'll be in the game

➡️The first 5-10 minutes of your game determines your confidence the rest of the day

➡️The way you played or practiced this week determines how confident you play in your next game 

Results, results, results. 

You're constantly focused and zoned in on what the results are saying instead of…


Your confidence comes from within you. It isn't determined by your results.

This is the entire mission of The Confident Athlete program.

To take control of creating your confidence.

So many times we tell ourselves and hear from our coaches, "Just be confident."

Well... nobody is showing you HOW. That's where The Confident Athlete program comes in.

We are learning...

💪How to grow and work on the mental game

💪How to be more mindful of your thoughts and actions

💪How to use tools to tap into your confidence when you need it the most

If you're over not seeing all of your hard work pay off when the game is on, then it's probably time to finally take that next step so you can truly believe in yourself like so many others do.

The Confident Athlete Waitlist is OPEN!

👉Tag/tell a coach/parent/teammate who believes in you the way you want to believe in yourself!

Keep on keepin’ on,



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