Why preparing mentally is just as important as a warm up with her team

I’m going to guess that this is what it looks like for you and your family heading to the first game of the tournament Saturday morning…

👉 You’re rushing out the door to get to the fields/courts/pool on time.
👉 On the car ride over, you’re hoping you guys have everything you need and she’s wearing the right uniform.
👉 Your daughter shows up just on time to throw her gear on and start warm ups with her team.

You might feel stressed from that whirlwind of a morning. It might even feel like it’s already noon, but it’s only 7am lol.

Guess what… your daughter is feeling all that stress from the crazy morning too. And going straight into her warm ups to go compete at the highest level that she possibly can.

No preparation to feel relaxed and confident going into the big tournament.

I can’t predict the future, but I can guess that this leads to a lot of games where she looks hesitant out there, afraid to make mistakes, and just downright doesn’t seem confident.

Yikes lol.

Don’t worry, I’ve got you. But, I wanted you to see and feel why preparing mentally is just as important as a warm up with her team.

So, how does your athlete prepare mentally to feel confident?

I’ve wrapped that all up into a pretty package with a nice bow for you. I have a tool called, How to Create Confidence NOW, and best part is, it’s free!

How to Create Confidence NOW is a FREE guide for your daughter so she can use a powerful mental training skill, visualization, before each game to be prepared mentally. A confidence boost before her games.


I can’t wait for you to see what happens when your daughter starts preparing mentally too! 

💕 Paige 

P.S. That freebie that includes a training and a guide ALSO has a challenge to encourage her to take action and use what she will learn before every single game! Woo! 

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