Why taking breaks are bad is a myth

I took a break from social media for a little over 2 weeks around the holidays. Like, I deleted the apps from my phone. Here’s what came from the break…

🔸 It was much easier to stay off social media when the app wasn’t on my phone anymore. I found myself going to my phone to fill space and it’s like my thumb just mindlessly would try to find the apps. So crazy.

🔸 I had to learn to fill that random space or when I wanted to procrastinate by just being still or present.

🔸 I was so much more present wherever I was and who I was with.

🔸 I felt way less comparison and more than okay with just me.

🔸 I knew this but confirmed that I don’t NEED to know what everyone else is doing all the time.

🔸 I created new habits to stay away from the constant checking and scrolling, which to me makes me feel a little crazy.

I’m really glad I finally decided to just rip the bandaid off and delete the social media apps. Although they are back on my phone, I know they are really there to communicate with you guys and share the impact I’m trying to make with athletes who want to be the absolute best versions of themselves.

Taking breaks is necessary in all areas of our lives. Our brains are so programmed to believe taking breaks is for quitters, slackers, losers. But, I truly believe breaks are needed to take a step back and get a different perspective, refresh, restore, and come back with more wisdom and strength.

So, where could you use a break that will help you come back even better?


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