Why you aren't confident

Mar 05, 2020

Dad says to you, “Emma, just go out there and be confident!”

Coach says to you, “Hannah, just believe in yourself next time!”

You: 😬😬😬

You’re probably thinking, “Ummm...okay, that sounds good, but I really don’t feel confident at all deep down. How the heck am I supposed to feel confident and believe in myself? 

Especially if you just made a total fool of yourself in the last play or at bat!

I feel you. 

I wanted to feel confident more than anything in the world. Just like you. 

So, why aren’t you confident? 

I’m going to be straight up with you right now because I want you to be confident SO BADLY! 

You aren’t putting in the mental work. You are doing all the physical work, but you are forgetting the core, the foundation, the key element. 


Your brain controls your confidence. 

To feel confident, you have to start telling yourself…

🙌How you want to show up
🙌Who you want to be
🙌What you want to believe
🙌The kind of player/athlete you want to be 

Not hopeful or wishful thinking. Like write it down, say it out loud, believe it, own it, kind of thinking! Even if you don’t believe it, YET! 

Ready to be confident?

Do the work WITH ME! 

If you are serious about this, send me a message! 

Keep on keepin’ on! 💕


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