Why your daughter doesn't trust herself 😫

Is this your daughter?

😳She's timid. 
😬She's hesitant. 
😬She's half in, half out. 

Which only leads to average or below average outcomes... which sucks for her and for you, right?! 

You can't figure out why she cant just trust herself! 

Well, this is why... 
Her thoughts and her self talk just don't add up to "confidence." 👎👎👎 

She's probably thinking... 
😳What if I strike out? 
😳What if I let my team down? 

She's probably saying... 
😏I'm never going to be as good as Sally Sue. 
😏I"m not even that great. 

She's probably hearing... 
🤯Don't swing at that. 
🤯You can't do it like that. 
🤯Don't do it like this. 

What we think and say is what we BELIEVE! ✨✨✨ 

Here is a simple way to practice thinking and saying positive, encouraging, empowering, confident things so your daughter can start BELIEVING! 👇 

📝Have her brain dump "I am ____________" statements. You can even do this with her. Brain dump your own "I am ___________" statements. 
♥️I am a valuable asset to my team. 
♥️I am a powerful and strong hitter. 
♥️I am a hard working and successful student-athlete. 

📣Say them out loud. 
🗒Post them on post-its and the mirrors using markers. 
✏️Write them down over and over. 

This is how she will start to trust herself and build self confidence! 💪 

Too much on your plate? Let me help! I can help your daughter work consistently on her self talk and what she is thinking! Let's set up a free strategy call here! 💕


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