Would I choose your daughter to be on my team?

When I thought about having my own kids, when I was pregnant, and now as a new mother, the one thing I want my son to be is respectful. 

Every single time I have the opportunity to do a workshop with a team in person, I know within the first 15 minutes who I would want on my team (if I had a team).

I can tell by the girl’s presence, their body language, if they are making eye contact, if they are facing towards me (the speaker), if they are talking over me (the speaker), on their phone (this one seems like a given, but you’d be surprised how many girls I have seen on their phone during a workshop). All of these things, to me, mean respect. 

I don’t care if a girl is the best player on the team. Best player in the state. In the country. I want girls who are respectful. Because that respect tells me they can be a team player, can be a leader, can be coachable. That’s the kind of athlete I want on my team. 

So, would I choose your daughter to be on my team? 

I’m not sharing this to critique your parenting skills or degrade what you’ve done. I’m sharing this because I think it’s important for us as mentors to raise the bar. 


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