Your athlete have high expectations? Read this.

I’ve really struggled to tell the girls I work with to let go of expectations because I have a really hard time just letting go of my own expectations. It feels like lowering my expectations or having no expectations. And I really believe that the expectations I have had in my life have catapulted me into success in all the things that I do. 

But, I also know that as athletes and high achievers, sometimes our incredibly high expectations can be detrimental to our success and hold us back because we are just too dang hard on ourselves. Never giving credit where it’s deserved or celebrating the progress. 

And then, I heard this from a guest speaker I had in the program…

“The higher your expectations are, the more grace you must have for yourself.”

Boom. That message has stuck with me ever since. How GREAT is that?! 

Every time I am not meeting my very high expectations, I remind myself to extend some grace. A lot of grace. Being kind to myself. 

It looks like, “Paige, this is challenging, but you’re making such great progress and making an impact along the way. Keep at it.” 

Screenshot this message, share it, send it to your daughter. You can even save it for yourself too because dang, I know parenting can be challenging and I’m only 8 months in! 

Here for you. Always! 


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