Your daughter...

  • can't get out of that slump?
  • is frustrated with her performance?
  • is doubting herself?
  • has a fear of failure?

Then, The Confident Athlete is for her!

The Confident Athlete is my Signature Program to take your daughter from so much frustration of falling short to letting her hard work actually pay off. 


This was me as an athlete too! 

I had countless slumps.
I was constantly frustrated when I didn't play to my ability.
I doubted myself ALL the time.
I was TERRIFIED of failing. 


This is what all of the girls felt like before joining...

Why The Confident Athlete changes lives...


Start building confidence!


As athletes, we want...

  • to feel confident
  • to succeed and get to the next level (college, high school, etc.)
  • be a leader on our team
  • to believe in ourselves


That's where The Confident Athlete comes in!

Your daughter spends so much time training, but is she spending time training on the mental game?! 


The Confident Athlete is for your daughter if...

  • Your daughter gets into way too many slumps or funks and can't find herself out of them.
  • Your daughter doesn't know how amazing she really is because she is constantly putting herself down. 
  • Your daughter is working really hard on her game (countless lessons, practices, and work), but it isn't translating to her actual game when the pressure is on. 
  • Your daughter is so dang hard on herself that she's so upset to the point of tears and crying on too many car rides home. 
  • Your daughter has so much potential, but one mistake and she's toast. 

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The Content

The breakdown of the 24 weeks!

The Kick-Start 

The start of something new! Let's start with dreaming big and setting goals that scare us. Time to get out of our comfort zone! In Week 1 we will be setting intentional goals, exploring who we want to be, and learning our new expectations.

What’s Going on in that Noggin

In Week 2, we will start to peel back the layers of what the heck is going on in that head of ours. Understanding that we have to get super-uber aware of our thoughts and start learning this thing called POSITIVE self talk. Game changer. 

The Foundation of Mental Training

In order to start really stepping into our confidence and playing like we know how, we have to know these tools. Visualization and breathing. Visualization will be a key component to confidence. Breathing will be the easiest tool to step into real power. 

Stop Sabotaging Yourself

Have you ever listened to that mean-girl voice in your head? The one telling you that, "You can't." It's time to stop listening to her. Stop listening to the limiting beliefs and start creating the beliefs and story YOU want to believe! 

Routines are the Key to Success

Routines will change your life and your game. In Week 5 we will be focused on creating pre-game, post-game, and gamer routines!

Taking Control of Our Thoughts

We are going to start taking control of our thoughts instead of letting them take control of us. 

You’re the Boss of YOUR Time

Yep! Get your planners out because we are talking about how to be the boss of YOUR time. When you take responsibility of your time, goals start getting crushed and overwhelm starts to disappear. 

Start Overcoming Failure

If you've ever wondered how you'll ever get past a huge failure, strike out, big mistake, this is how! In Week 8 we will learn how to get past failures and look at failures differently. 

Learning to Love Yourself

That awkward moment when we have to learn how to love ourselves again. As athletes we have this balance between being hard on ourselves and giving ourselves grace. We forget the whole giving ourselves grace part. Here's where we take back that piece. 

Come in Clutch

Trade out pressure and nerves for motivation and excitement. In Week 10 we will be learning how to handle pressure and nerves! 

Your Presence is Everything

AKA your body language! How you show up physically will have a huge impact on how you play. We will be working on having a powerful presence on the field/court! 

Becoming a Leader

You are now a freakin' mental rockstar. It's time to use your skills and make everyone around you better. In this final week we will learn how to step into a bigger leadership role!

Guest Speakers

Throughout the program, there will be INCREDIBLE guest speakers sharing their experiences and expertise. In the past, I've had nutritionists, meditation coaches, former collegiate players, former professional players, and MORE!

Hot Seats

Girl athletes can volunteer to be on the hot seat! This is their opportunity to get some one on one coaching with any struggles they are having. I LOVE this call because the group has an opportunity to share what's working for them in similar situations!

Where is she now?

I invite TCA (The Confident Athlete) Alum to come back and share with the current girl athletes how they are doing, what tools they are STILL using in their life now, and where they still struggle. The lessons the girls learn throughout the program last a LIFETIME!


We all forget things we learn. This is a time to review, reflect, and get super consistent with the tools in The Confident Athlete.



24 weeks of mind-blowing, life-changing, expert mindset lessons

(VALUE $9,000)


24+ hours of LIVE calls to get personalized support

(VALUE $10,000)


Bonus Guest Coaching Calls

(VALUE $3,000)


Community group for questions + accountability

(VALUE $1,000)


Worksheets to stay accountable and get the work done! 

(VALUE $1,000)


Daily Mentorship through voice memo and texts

(VALUE $1,000)


Personal Log-In and Access to All Lessons

(VALUE $1,000)


BONUS: Visualization Practice Package







P.S. Your daughter could have all the expensive equipment, all the private lessons, all the stuff, but without the right mindset, it's all for nothing. 

Average private lessons are $50-$100. When your daughter joins The Confident Athlete, she is getting over 4 lessons per month (under $40), which is less than most private lessons! 


AND there are BONUS perks!


A FREE one on one private session with me! 


Access to my Live January 11th 
2020 Reflection Workshop
(a really great way to look at all the growth and determine focuses for 2021).


Access to my Live January 25th 
Creating a Vision Board Workshop
(a powerful way to visualize goals and dreams for this year).


Access to our
Guest Speaker, Amanda Scarborough 
- Former Texas A+M Pitcher, ESPN Analyst, Founder of Pitching Angel, and Co-Founder of The Packaged Deal, January 31st



Frequently Asked Questions

No, not everyone gets accepted into the program. We are very picky with who we accept, because since it is an intimate group coaching program, your daughter's energy impacts the group. We only accept those that are all in for their goals and committed to working hard. If your daughter is not a good fit, we will let you know and direct you to a resource that may be a better fit. 

There are LIMITED spots available too!

Since not every girl athlete is a good fit or accepted into the program, we want to make sure your daughter is a good fit for the program before allowing you to jump in. The program is an investment in your daughter and her future, but take some time and read the testimonials---the returns are more than worth it. 

P.S. You can spend loads of money on private instructors for hitting, serving, pitching, foot work, etc., but without their mind in the right place, none of it will work! 

Soooooo much support. You have group coaching calls with Paige to get high-touch coaching to help your daughter specifically. All of the girls have time and space to share. I also LOVE sharing a lot with the parents/coaches. Speaking of that, have you joined my Facebook Group for parents/coaches? It's called Confidence for Your Athlete. Join here today!

Invite your partner to our call! It's important for both parties to be on board. Remember, this is going to change your daughter's life. Not only as an athlete, but as a person! 

Yes! Even better, I offer team rates that join as a team! 

Totally normal! Most girls that join are nervous too. Once we complete our first call together, they will be telling you how excited they are to keep going!

What the athletes, parents, and coaches are saying...


Start building confidence!


Start building confidence!


Start building confidence!


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