Afraid to let your team down?

We so desperately want to help our team win, right?!

So desperately, that we put this enormous amount of pressure on ourselves to perform.

And then… we fail. 😬

Because we are crushed by the pressure.

I can remember very clearly going up to bat wearing my purple Northwestern jersey…

👉Walk up song blaring

👉2 Outs

👉Runners in scoring position

👉And thinking… “I have to get a hit. I hope I can get a hit. What if I don’t get a hit?”


Striking out.


And this sinking, gut punching, let-down-everyone-feeling came over me.

And then… I carried that onto defense. And the next inning. And in the locker room after the game. And all the way back to my apartment where I bawled, wondering when I would ever be good enough. Or when I’d finally get that hit in the moment my team needed me.

I have worked with manyyyyyy girls on the mental side of the game now and one of the fears that they have the most is…

😐They are afraid to let their team down.

😐Afraid to let their teammates down.

😐Afraid to let their coaches down.

😐Afraid to let their parents down.

If this is you too, give me a raised hand 🖐

Are you ready for something different?! To feel different?! To have confidence so you can help your team win!?

It starts with your mind. 🧠

What you say and think is what you believe.

I want you to try writing down all your negative, self-doubting, crappy thoughts whenever you have them and replace them with something positive about yourself.


❌Negative thoughts 

I have to get a hit or I’ll fail my team. 

I hope I can get a hit. 

What if I don’t get a hit and strike out again?

✅Positive thoughts

I have an opportunity to go get a hit!

I will get a hit.

I can hit anything this pitcher throws me. I’m unstoppable.

You HAVE to practice this. Write it down. Say it out loud. Embody it. 💪

I have good news! We are working on our mindset and confidence in my AHHH-MAZING program, The Confident Athlete. 🤗🤗🤗

If just this little tip helped, you are going to LOVE this program.

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I can’t wait for this next round!

Keep on keepin’ on,


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