Are you always negative?

Hey girl (or mom/dad)! 

Do you feel like you’re constantly being negative? Honestly…

I’m not judging you. I get in these ruts of being negative too. It’s very human of us. Normal.

I catch myself being negative a little too often with the people I trust the most, like my mom. Or my husband (wait, did I just say that?! Husband, still getting used to that new term!). 

My mom is one of my go-to’s. I call her almost everyday to catch up and talk about the little things that happen day to day. I will way too often start to complain about things. Even simple things like…

😭 being tired

😭 saying how hard my workout was

😭 that I have so much to get done

😭 nothing is going the way I wanted

😭 blah, blah, blah

It’s an easy trap to get in. A slippery slope. 

So, I want you to really pay attention to what you are sharing, especially to the ones you love. And if you are catching yourself being negative or complaining or even feeling sorry for yourself, I want you to try to shift the conversation… here’s how: 

⚡️ Ask whoever you’re talking with what the best part of their day was

⚡️ Talk about what you are grateful for (or write it down)

⚡️ Come up with a solution for your “problems”

See how it changes your mood, your energy, and your confidence in your day!

You’ve got this!

💕 Paige

P.S. If you want another way to work on breaking that negativity, you can always go download my free Self Talk Practice! It’s a great way to get into better habits with the way you talk to yourself or about yourself!

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