Athletes who are ready for confidence

You guys…

I had the Meet n' Greet with the girls that are officially in The Confident Athlete and I am SO excited for this next round!

I have poured so much into this program and I'm stoked to share it with this group. But, this girl also needs a mental break! After having to postpone our wedding to October, some of our friends told us about this trip they were going on... I heard Greece and it was all over from there!

So, we are actually in New York right this second and heading to...







✈️Santorini + Mykonos

I can't wait to see all these beautiful new places. See more of this world!

Follow along to see pieces of the journey and then I'll be back and ready to Kick Start The Confident Athlete with a serious 💥BANG💥!

Psssst.... this also means there is some time to get into The Confident Athlete before the first kick off call!


💕 Paige

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