Does your daughter have a confident presence (swagger)?

I will never forget when I went to a pre-season tournament hosted by ASU Softball and I got to watch multiple college softball teams compete before ever playing collegiate softball myself and noticing the presence of this one player… 

I was watching Washington play and I watched as their 3rd baseman went up to bat. Starting from the on deck circle, I could literally feel the confidence from her based on her presence. I remember thinking, “this girl is for sure getting a hit!” 

I remember thinking, that’s how I want to show up. That’s how I want people to see me. That’s how I want to compete.

🔥 Fierce

🔥 Powerful

🔥 Swagger

🔥 Confident

🔥 Bad-@$$

Our presence plays a part in our confidence. Our presence plays a part in our results and outcomes. It’s IMPORTANT! 

This week in Mindset Lessons we will be talking about how to be confident through our presence (swagger)!

We will be covering…

💪 What presence, swagger, and confidence even means to us

💪 What we want our presence to look like and feel like

💪 Visualizing our wanted presence 

💪 How to actually have that kind of presence 

💪 Creating affirmations to build that presence 

If you want your daughter to have a more confident presence (swagger), then schedule her lesson this week!

Schedule here!

Can’t wait for this week! 

💕 Paige

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