Don't be afraid to go first

I know it’s scary to go first.

I know it feels embarrassing to say the wrong thing, give the wrong answer in class, feel dumb for asking a question, or mess up the drill at practice.

But, did you know… I think it’s the coolest thing when a girl pushes her fear aside and steps up to volunteer. To go first!

It says a lot about the person you are when you have the guts to just go first.

👏 Leader

👏 Confident

👏 Brave

👏 Trailblazer 

👏 Courageous

You can be those things!

If you’re worried about what your teammates will think, what your fellow students will think, what your coaches will think, or what anyone else might think…

...you’re going to miss out.

When you go first, you learn.

When you ask questions, you learn.

When you say the wrong thing, you learn. And by the way, WHO CARES?! I’m sure someone else was thinking it too!

Don’t be afraid to go first.

Step up because the ones that go first go the furthest. 💪

💕 Paige

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