Even Softball Dads Think the Mental Art of the Game is Important!

I think athlete dads sometimes get a bad rep. I know my dad did. He was really hard on me. There were some really tough car rides. I even caught him trying to coach me up the other day watching the MLB playoffs and reminded him I don’t play anymore 😂 Here’s the truth about athlete dads though… they are hard on us because they know and see the potential in us. My dad was definitely a big part of why I was so successful. Could he have said some things in a different way? Approached me differently sometimes? Yes. We aren’t perfect, but athlete dads (and moms too) can learn along the way to help their athletes be the best version of themselves on and off the field or court inside my programs. I truly believe that.

Hear what Avery’s dad has to say about her journey working with me…

Oh, and dads like results on game day though, let’s be honest. So, here are some results from this dad’s athlete, Avery, after focusing on her mental game…

👉 From a decent hitter to ONE OF THE BEST AROUND!

👉 Confidence is key

👉 Has gained life skills too! 


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