Fight the negative thoughts

Jun 05, 2020

You have to fight em’ 👊👊👊

The negative thoughts are going to come up.

“You suck at this.”

The self doubt will creep into your head.

“You aren’t good enough.”

The fear will sink in.

“You can’t do this.”

So you have to fight back! 👊👊👊

Here’s how…

Question the 💩 out of your thoughts.

1️⃣ When those negative thoughts come up, you have to start questioning them.

When you are thinking, “I suck at this”...

Ask yourself these questions…

Is this true?

Is this 100% true?

Do I really suck at this? All the time?

Does this define who I am?

You will start to challenge your negative thoughts by asking these questions.

You will start to disempower those negative thoughts.

You will start to realize what is ACTUALLY true.

2️⃣ Use positive affirmations.

Create positive, confident, empowering statements! 


I am strong.

I am confident. 

I am worthy. 

I am capable.

I can do anything I set my mind to.

I am valuable. 

3️⃣ Embrace it all.

⚡️Question those negative thoughts.

⚡️Write down the positive affirmations.

⚡️Say them out loud.

⚡️Act as if you ARE your positive affirmations.

And always, keep on keepin’ on. Get back up. Keep fighting. Keep going! 

If you are NOT feeling confident and this is something you struggle with…


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Keep on keepin’ on,

💕 Paige

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