Get your daughter to start thinking like the best athletes

Jul 25, 2022

After I finished playing college ball, I always wish that I would have asked the best athletes, the successful athletes what the heck they were thinking about! 

Like… wouldn’t that be nice to know?! 

What am I thinking or not thinking about that these athletes are?! 

So, I’m giving you and your daughter a shortcut. I’ve talked to many successful athletes and people too and there are some common themes here.

It’s not like they aren’t afraid or don’t worry or never complain, but they are really good at changing their perspective. Choosing better thoughts. Asking better questions.

Here are some of the common themes…

1️⃣ Choosing to think about OPPORTUNITY over FEAR


❌ Fear: I better get a hit or we lose.

 ✅ Opportunity: Yes! I’ve been waiting and preparing for this moment, I can’t wait to get a hit! 




❌ Complaint: Ugh, I have to go to this practice and there is conditioning and I barely have time to get my homework done. 

 ✅ Gratitude: I am so grateful that I have the capability and opportunity to play, be with my teammates, get an education. 


3️⃣ Choosing to CREATE over WORRY


❌ Worry: What if I don’t get the hit? What if I get pulled out of the game? What if I let my team down? 

 ✅ Create: What if I get the hit? What if I trust myself? I was made for this moment. I am so pumped I’m the one that is up right now! I’m going to make things happen. I’m a gamer. 

What if your daughter started thinking like this?!

What kind of results do you think she would start seeing? What would her confidence start to look like? 

If you are starting to see the possibilities and want this kind of mindset for her, check out my weekly Mindset Lessons (we are working on this ALL WEEK LONG)! 

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💕 Paige

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