Habits of a Successful Student-Athlete

Oct 03, 2019

🤩You want to know the secret to building confidence?
🤩You want to know the secret to getting the RBI? 
🤩You want to know the secret to being the leader or captain on your team? 
🤩You want to know the secret to getting that scholarship to your dream school?

👉Habits. 👈

There's the secret!

The best athletes and the most successful people in life have positive, consistent, healthy habits.

Here are some habits that lead to success...
✨Time Blocking 
✨Healthy Eating
✨Self Care

The one that I want to talk about today is the agenda/planner.

This is the biggest piece of advice I give to girls that are asking how to balance their sport and school, how to be prepared for the next level, and just be more successful in general.

📒Step 1: Get yourself a planner or agenda (usually the schools give them out for FREE)!
📒Step 2: Take a day in the beginning of your week to look ahead. My coach calls this grounding day! 
📒Step 3: Write it down! Write down your goals, your events, your games, your practices, your assignments, your tests, and anything else! This way you aren't having to remember ALL the things. You can focus on the task ahead of you in that moment. 
📒Step 4: Plan it out! If you have a reading assignment or a goal, break it down into smaller pieces and write down when you are going to put in the work to accomplish that goal or assignment. Set yourself up for success! Take responsibility! 
📒Step 5: Rock your week, month, year, and feel the confidence building by taking action!

Need some help staying accountable and taking action? Check out The Mental Game Mentorship to help you start building these habits so you can be the rockstar you want to be!

You've go this girl! Keep on keepin' on! 💕


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