Help your daughter let go of nerves and perform in her games

May 02, 2022

Who’s more nervous? You or your daughter right before a game or when she gets that opportunity to shine?

I know all about that parent pacing, sometimes afraid to watch or look because you want her to succeed so bad. Mostly because if she doesn’t nail it, she might fall apart. 

Oy. Sounds stressful! 

Here’s the thing about nerves before a game or performance. Nerves aren’t a bad thing. And the more you can help your daughter know that and understand that, the less impact they will have on her performance out on that field or court.

Nerves just mean you care, that you’re excited, that you’ve worked hard to prepare. That’s it!

The best way to perform even when your athlete is feeling nervous is having a PLAN! You might need one too if your pacing, chewing your nails off, and peaking through the cracks of your fingers watching her!

A plan for nerves! Here’s what that plan should include…

👉 Breathing

👉 Visualizing 

👉 Self Talk

All of these mental training tools will help your daughter relax and trust her preparation so she can be more successful and have better results! 

Create a plan together! That means you too get to create a plan for moments you are feeling all the nerves!

We are deep diving into this and creating plans for nerves and how to execute that plan in Weekly Mindset Lessons this week! So, if you want your daughter to finally perform the way you know she can in her games, sign her up! 

Schedule this week’s lesson here! 

It’s all about a plan 💪

💕 Paige 

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