How to get over your mistakes

It seems like we’ve all been here before, am I right?!

I would let mistakes just absolutely ruin my day, my weekend, my week! I remember so many times just beating myself up over some mistakes.

This is not fun at all. It hurts. It feels crappy. It puts you in a bad mood. It makes you do things you’re not proud of. 

I honestly look back at my time playing and wonder how I kept going at times.

But, mistakes are part of competing. Mistakes are part of being an athlete.

So, what are we going to do about this?! Because I promise you that you don’t want to keep going like this. There is a powerful, amazing, confident version of you inside waiting to shine out on that field or court.

Here are some simple things to help you start getting over your mistakes and play with  confidence!

1️⃣ Set an intention for the game or practice!

Think about what you want to focus on for your upcoming game…

Maybe it’s…

Focusing on playing with a ton of energy.

Focusing on being super aggressive.

Focusing on supporting your teammates no matter what happens out there.

Focusing on just having a lot of fun and letting the results fall into place!

2️⃣ Replace the mistake with the opportunity to improve

It happened! It’s okay.

Figure out what you can do to be better next time and it’s onto the next thing.

Girls! Mistakes don’t define who you are as long as you learn from them!



Leave that mistake behind and focus on the positive.

3️⃣ Reflect and be your own coach!

Celebrate, be aware, and set intention moving forward

Use these three questions to practice after games, practices, and MISTAKES

✅ What did I do well?!

✅ What did I not do so well?!

✅ How do I get better?

This is how you get over mistakes! This is how you see bigger and better results!

We will be working on these things in The Confident Athlete program!

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Keep on keepin’ on,
💕 Paige

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