How to get the most out of lessons ft. BJ Johnson at SFS Athletics

Have you ever wondered why you are going to or paying for lessons, but not feeling like you’re killin’ it out on the field or court?

Like the things from lessons aren’t transitioning to your game-time performance?

This video and conversation is for YOU then!

I have a very special guest today! We have BJ Johnson, founder of SFS Athletics. He is a private “swing” coach for softball players. And he is REALLY GOOD at what he does.

I brought BJ on as a guest speaker so you can get an inside look at why his hitters are c-r-u-s-h-i-n-g out there. Like lots of homeruns people.

Another reason I brought BJ on was because I admire the way he just “gets working with athletes. Especially girl athletes. He builds these girls up. He’s a coach that instills belief in the girls.

BJ shares…

🔥 What is different about SFS and his lessons

🔥 His coaching style and approach that helps his hitters believe in themselves

🔥 Why his athletes are finding more success than other athletes

We also talk about how we make a powerful team! BJ and I share a lot of the same girl athletes. These particular girls are becoming incredibly confident hitters and there is a reason for it. When you work on the physical aspect of the game and the mental aspect of the game, you become unstoppable!

Check this out! Watch, listen, whatever you need to hear this message!

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Plus there are bonuses still…

👏 Bonus #1: One on one call with Paige

👏 Bonus #2: Create a Vision Board Workshop - Jan. 25th

👏 Bonus #3: Guest Speaker Call with Amanda Scarborough - Jan. 31st

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Keep on keepin’ on,


P.S. Are you a softball player who wants to hit with BJ? Check out his site here to sign up! 

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