How to get your daughter past her limiting beliefs and set big goals that feel scary

Whenever I go to set goals, my own limiting beliefs about what I can do or what I can’t do get in the way of really going after what I want.

Sometimes, I’ll be dreaming and start to set the goals to achieve that dream and my mind is instantly telling me, “I don’t know if I can do this…”

Sound familiar with your daughter? Maybe even yourself as a parent?

Oftentimes we limit ourselves from what we are truly capable of because our brain is trying to keep us safe. But, instead of letting our limiting beliefs get in the way of what we want to truly accomplish, we can set goals in a different way…

One of the programs I’ve been in, we set goals, but we set good, better, and best goals.

Here’s how you can set good, better, best goals with your athlete so she can get past her limiting beliefs and set big goals that feel scary!

1️⃣ Think of a goal you want to achieve
2️⃣ Write down what the initial limiting beliefs or thoughts are around this goal
3️⃣ Set the good goal - this should feel attainable, something you know you can probably accomplish
4️⃣ Set the better goal - pushes you a little more
5️⃣ Set the best goal - feels like a stretch, like it might not happen, but it would be amazing if it did!

We are actually setting good, better, best goals in Mindset Lessons this week! Going through this entire process together and acknowledging the limiting beliefs, so that we can overcome them and adventure into what’s possible for us!

If your daughter is struggling to get past her own limiting beliefs, this week’s lesson will be AMAZING for her! Get scheduled for this week here!


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