How to get your daughter to be proud of herself

Apr 18, 2022

There is nothing wrong with being proud of yourself. We tend to think it’s selfish or self-centered or being too “proud” to give ourselves credit. 

But, if your daughter never acknowledges what she is proud of about herself, she is probably constantly having thoughts like this…

😐 “I’m never doing enough.”

😐 “I’ll never be where I want to be.”

😐 “I feel like I’ll never reach my goals/dreams.”

It’s important to get her to think about and acknowledge the things she is proud of about herself. Here’s how to do that!

Ask her questions, or even better yet have her journal on these questions (you can join her too!) : 

📝 Today, I felt proud of myself when…

📝 5 small successes I had today were…

📝 I feel most proud of myself when…

This is just a small piece of the work we are going to be doing in weekly Mindset Lessons this week! This is a perfect opportunity for her to get out of her comfort zone, hear this message from someone other than mom or dad (me), and actually work on being kind to herself/loving herself/being proud of herself! It’s a skill! 

Schedule her for this week’s Mindset Lesson here! 

💕 Paige


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