How to get your daughter to do the things she doesn't want to do

Does your athlete not always feel like…

👉 getting those extra reps in on her own?

👉 studying for those test days in advance instead of cramming the night before? 

👉 going to a practice that she know is going to have conditioning? 

👉 getting her mental work done - journaling, affirmations, visualization? 

She’s not alone! 

We all tend to resist the things that make us better… But, usually when we do get those things done, we never regret it! Have you ever regretted a tough work out after you’ve finished? Or putting away your laundry finally? Never! It always feels so good! 

When we feel resistance, we just have to know that it means it’s something that is necessary for us to improve, grow, and get better.

Now… how do you get your daughter to know that… 

The harder part! 

This takes discipline and responsibility. 

Here is how to get your daughter to do the things she doesn’t want to do: 

📌Set Goals

📌Set Action Goals 

Just having her write down goals and action goals will help keep her disciplined and more likely to do it rather than just saying she’s going to do something (creating accountability). 

We are doing this in Mindset Lessons THIS WEEK! So, if you want your daughter to have more discipline, take responsibility, understand that resistance equals necessary for her growth, and to set goals with me, get signed up for this week’s lesson! 

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