How to get your daughter to focus on the positive

Apr 25, 2022

If your daughter is constantly focusing on… 

👉 the negatives

👉 what she did wrong

👉 how bad that one play was

👉 complaining 

Well, good news, she’s a totally normal competitive athlete!

Take a deep breath mom or dad because there is nothing wrong with her and this is totally something we can work on!

Just like the physical work she’s doing at practice, she can work on focusing on the positive too. But, it’s just that, it takes PRACTICE. And your job is to keep her on track, remind her, guide her (kinda like bumpers at the bowling alley).

It starts with AWARENESS and then CHANGE. 

Step 1: Awareness - Instead of just telling her she’s being negative, guide her towards something positive she can focus on… 

Here’s how!

Step 2: CHANGE

👍 Ask her to think about how far she’s come in the past 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, 3 years (whatever time frame you need to use)

👍 Ask her what she did really well at practice or her game

👍 Ask her what she wants to believe about herself 

Example: I want to believe that I can do this and it will come easily to me. (Hint: this is an affirmation!)

You won’t feel so helpless by just telling her what to do and her not listening and going deeper into frustration or getting pissed at you. Athletes are stubbbborn 😜. You’ll feel like you are giving her little hints, making her think about the positive, guiding her away from that negativity by being subtle!

AND, guess what?! I’m actually working on this with the athletes in Weekly Mindset Lessons!

🌟 Journaling on how far she’s come

🌟 Creating a plan for when she does notice she’s being negative

🌟 Creating affirmations for focusing on the positive 

🌟 Visualizing herself believing those positive affirmations! 

If you haven’t tried a lesson yet, this is going to be a great one. If you’re tired of watching her be so dang negative, definitely sign her up for a lesson this week! 

Schedule her lesson here! 

You’ve got this. She’s got this!

💕 Paige

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