How to help your athlete control her emotions


First off, I am SO excited for the new athletes that joined The Confident Athlete, it’s going to be such an incredible experience for them!

Second off, I’ve been LOVING these weekly Mindset Lessons with athletes!

Last week, one of the athletes shared that she has trouble controlling her emotions and even went on to share with me that the way we feel is out of our control. 

🚦This was a red light for me!

I know that our thoughts lead to feelings/emotions.

I also know that I am in control of my thoughts (even though it seems like our thoughts control us sometimes - that’s not true). 

But this athlete, innocently, did not know these things. I mean why should she? She’s just gone on playing and competing, allowing her emotions to be out of her control. 

So, this week in Mindset Lessons we are focusing on how to control your emotions. 

If your daughter struggles to control her emotions…

🤬 Cries after failure

🤬 Shuts down 

🤬 Closes off

🤬 Pouts

🤬 Throws her crap (that was me)

Then, this is for you!

Here is how to help your daughter control her emotions: 

1️⃣ The key here is when unintentional, unwelcomed negative thoughts, worried thoughts, doubtful thoughts (all of the above) come into our head, we have to notice it. Pinpoint it. Be aware of it. 

That way we can choose thoughts that are going to actually help us and replace those crap ones.

2️⃣ The feelings just automatically follow step 1 if we can do a better job controlling our thoughts. Feelings follow thoughts. When we choose better thoughts, we feel better. Simple! 

Need help teaching your daughter this? Showing her that when you control your thoughts, your feelings/emotions are better, your actions are better, and your results end up being better. 

I’m here to help! Schedule this week’s Mindset Lesson for her! We will be working on this step by step!

Schedule here!

Can’t wait for what this week holds!

💕 Paige 

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