How to help your athlete feel empowered, confident, and believe in herself in games

Oct 31, 2022

Confidence all begins with your thoughts. Your daughter’s thoughts to be exact. 

👉 What she thinks and how she thinks about herself

👉 What she thinks and how she thinks about the game

👉 What she thinks and how she thinks about her performance or past performances

If they are negative thoughts (which often happens because as athletes we are so hard on ourselves), then she’s probably not feeling super confident in her games. Or as confident as she could be. 

So, that means she has to create and choose thoughts that are going to make her feel confident.

How do you get her to do that?! 

1️⃣ Acknowledge her thoughts and feelings prior to her next game

Remind her that negative thoughts, fears, doubts, all of those things are completely normal things to happen in her head.

2️⃣ Ask her to think about the opposite kind of thought. Something the most confident, next level, version of herself would think. Something she has thought when she was feeling confident and on fire in the past! 

This is her creating an affirmation to use and hold onto during her game. 

3️⃣ Encourage her to visualize herself believing that affirmation. Seeing the success she wants for herself! 

I am walking the girls through this process of creating affirmations and visualization so they can feel confident and believe in themselves in their games in this week’s Mindset Lesson! 

Remember, practice makes perfect - even with the mental part of her game!

Schedule a Mindset Lesson for her this week here! 


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