How to help your athlete juggle school, sports, and life

Oct 02, 2022

As a past student-athlete, I remember juggling all the things. School, homework, projects, extra curriculars, games, practices, lessons, extra work, social life, family events, phewwww 🀯

Things got crazy. Overwhelming. Stressful.

Here’s the thing that I remind the athletes I get to work with…

πŸ‘ She is in charge! Not mom or dad, her!
πŸ‘ She is capable of taking responsibility for what she is doing in her life!
πŸ‘ She can make the most of her time.
πŸ‘ Busy is not an excuse!
πŸ‘ Busy = opportunities
πŸ‘ She can balance a lot of things!

The way you can help your athlete juggle all the things is with a PLAN! A plan creates confidence.
πŸ‘‰Enforce using a planner/agenda

This week in Mindset Lessons, I am teaching the girls the importance of using a planner/agenda and how to start with a to-do braindump to help them relieve the overwhelm, stress, and feeling like they are juggling 100 things in their 🧠!

If you want your daughter to feel confidence in her life and as an athlete with a plan, schedule her for this week’s Mindset Lesson here!


P.S. Could she use a little help using a planner/agenda? Being better with time management? Juggling all the things in her life? You can check out and grab the Mini Course: Balancing School + Sports Stress Free here!

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