How to put your daughter in the greatest position to succeed

Nov 21, 2022

I have a few questions for you parents!

Is your daughter afraid to have a conversation with her coach?
Ask about playing time?
Tell them what they want out of their season/experience?
Are you the one doing the talking with coaches?

First off, you’re not doing her any favors by talking for her (as hard as it is, I get it, Mama Bear over here now).

Second off, it’s time to empower her to have these conversations with her coach! Think about how much success this is going to set her up for in her future as well (with teachers, professors, interviews, authority figures, etc.).

I get it. I was so nervous to talk with my college coach. We had these monthly meetings that I would absolutely D R E A D. I would think about it all day long and didn’t want to do it, but they always ended up being the best conversations and helped me be more successful and earn more playing time because I knew what her expectations were for me and she knew where I was and what I needed.

This week in Mindset Lessons we will be creating a plan so your daughter can have the confidence to talk with her coaches (and superiors in her life) and put herself in the greatest position to succeed!

Sign her up for this week here!

See her soon!


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