How to talk to your coaches about playing time

Are you afraid to talk to your coaches about playing time? 

I know I was terrified to go into my coach’s office for our individual meetings. Not because they were bad, it’s just this thing about talking to the head coach that makes all of your decisions (which feel like your life depends on them at the moment).

This is something we just talked about in my programs because it’s REALLY important.

It’s important to know how to talk to your coaches about this sensitive topic. 

Let’s talk playing time! This one is BIG! 💥💥

My rule of thumb is, the squeaky wheel gets the oil.

If you don’t tell your coaches what you want, they might not ever know!

3 things when talking about playing time…


It HAS to come from YOU!

When it comes from you, all it’s saying to your coach is that you are passionate about this goal of wanting more in a certain position. 


Right time, right place is important.

Don’t talk to your coach about playing time in the middle of the game, after the game, etc. Make sure you set up some time where the emotions aren’t flying around like crazy!

Examples: Before practice, over a phone call, at a private practice


What to say…

Be honest, be transparent, be YOU, share how passionate you are, and ask for what you want.

👉 Example: “Coach, I’ve been thinking about my goals and I really want to play more at catcher. What do you think I can do to have more chances at that position?”

Your coach will respect you even more if you have these conversations with them. It goes a long way!


👊👊 Challenge: Have that hard conversation with your coach that you’ve been putting off.

You’ve got this!

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Keep on keepin’ on,


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