How to turn doubt into confidence

Dec 20, 2020

You guys…

I had SO MUCH DOUBT as an athlete.

The doubt sounded like this…

😢 What if I don’t get a hit and they take me out?

😢 Am I good enough to be a Division 1 catcher?

😢 What if I let my family down?

😢 Will my batting average be as good as last season?

😢 I don’t think I can get a hit off this girl…

And the list of doubtful thoughts goes on and on and on.

I’m here to tell you today that, IT’S OKAY TO HAVE DOUBT.

It’s normal.

You’re normal! 

You’re okay!


I had to work hard at turning this doubt into confidence. I had to embrace a new mindset.

What the heck does a new mindset even mean?!

It just means to start thinking about something differently.

I started to push back and question these doubtful thoughts I was having.

Thinking differently sounded like this…

💪 What if I do get a hit?!

💪 What if a school chooses me because they love the player and person that I am??!

💪 What if I just play for me? For fun?!

💪 What if I focus on how hard I’m working instead of the results like my batting average?!

💪 What if I believe that I can get a hit off this girl?!

Feels different, right?!

It should feel more empowering, positive, light, fresh!

So, next time you’re starting to have those doubtful thoughts…

Push back and question them!

Write it out. Journal it. See what happens!

I can’t wait to hear about it.

Guess what?! We are doing this kind of mindset work in The Confident Athlete. Yupp!!! Every single week, we are working on thinking about things differently to build real, true, powerful confidence.

Sound like a good plan?! Join us!! 

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Keep on keepin’ on,


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