How your daughter can take her game to the next level (it’s not more practice)

Have you ever noticed your daughter being afraid to ask questions?

Maybe she’s come home from school not knowing how to complete the homework because she was afraid to ask her teacher some questions because she didn’t want to look dumb?

Or she messed up the drill at practice because she didn’t want to ask her coach questions because she was afraid of how they would respond? 

She’s not alone. 

SOOOO many girls that I get to work with in lessons and in my programs feel this same way about using their voice. Asking questions. 

But, what I want every girl athlete to know is that asking questions is what’s going to take their game and life to the next level. It’s the SHORTCUT to life because getting insight from someone that’s already done it, experienced it, and knows it is only going to get her to her destination faster.

So, in this week’s Mindset Lesson we are actually working on how to have the confidence to start asking the questions…

Where we need to ask more questions

Who we need to ask more questions

Coming up with the questions (creating a plan to feel prepared and confident)

Affirmations for asking questions 

If your daughter needs more confidence in this area, schedule her mindset lesson this week!



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