It isn’t my coach that’s holding me back from success…

Mar 28, 2020

I used to think that it was all my coaches’ fault. 😳

Sound familiar?! 

Whoops. 😬😬

I look back and I totally played “the victim card” at times. 

You’re probably thinking… what the heck is the victim card? 🤔

It’s this thing when you blame everyone else for why your life and success isn’t going the way you want it and instead of taking action and taking responsibility you find the easy way out. 

GUILTY! 🙋‍♀️

It’s okay, there’s more than enough time to turn this thing around. 


I have had coaches that...

👊were really hard on me

👊hurtful sometimes

👊yelled at me 

👊were disappointed in me 


I have also had coaches that…

💪pushed me because they knew I had more

💪loved me 

💪challenged me 

💪supported me 


I used to think my lack of confidence was because of my coach. 

I used to think that my lack of playing time was because of my coach. 

But it was me. 💩


I know NOW that...

👏I am in charge of me. 

👏I am in control of how I react. 

👏I decide how I show up (no matter what or who knocks me down). 

👏I create my own success!

👏I choose what my story looks like. 

👏I am empowered! 


How powerful is that?! 

So, I am challenging you now, as a mentor. As a girl that’s been there before....

How are you showing up? As an athlete? As a daughter? As a sibling? As a teammate? As a student? As a person? 

Comment with your responses below! 👇👇

I WANT to help you show up bigger and better! I WANT to help you become the best version of you. I WANT to help you become the greatest athlete you can possibly be! Go to my site using this link, fill out the application to get in my mentorship if this is what you WANT too! 

P.S. To all my coaches - thank you for making me the player and PERSON I am today! 💗

Keep on keepin’ on,


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