My favorite day of school was the day we got our brand new planner...

Oct 11, 2020

Yep. I was that girl. 💁‍♀️

I remember in that first week of school they would pass out our brand-spankin’-new planners for that school year. 📒

One of my greatest strengths is organization. You can ask any of my friends or family. I am confident in that one!

I’d get that planner and I’d take it home.

Make sure the assignments or tests we already knew about were written in the planner.

If there was a test, I’d be figuring out when I was going to study.

I’d add my games and practices in there.

And, of course any special occasions! Birthdays, dances, activities!

Boom! Game plan! 👊💥

By using my planner as a tool to stay organized consistently...

✏️ I was more successful

✏️ I got better grades

✏️ I was more productive

✏️ I was less stressed because I knew what was going on in my life

✏️ I was more confident!

I STILL use my planners TO THIS DAY. I am 28. I will use planners for a long, long time coming too!

I can confidently tell you that using my planner to stay organized and having a plan is what has made me a successful athlete, business owner, and person!

So, here’s a few steps on how to use your brand-spankin’-new planner that you got from school or maybe you can ask your mom or dad super nicely to order you one on Amazon (check out this link to my favorite planner).

✅ Step 1: Fill in what you have going on for the rest of the week

📌 Homework

📌 Tests

📌 Study Groups

📌 Practice

📌 Games

📌 Social Events

✅ Step 2: Braindump every to-do you have in your brain

📝 Study for science test

📝 Make flashcards for Spanish

📝 Workouts

📝 Extra reps on your own

📝 Clean your room

📝 Do your chores

📝 Read

📝 Call a friend

📝 Watch your favorite Netflix show

📝 Volunteer

📝 Use Paige’s Visualization Practice Package

✅ Step 3: Plug your to-do’s into the rest of your week to create a game plan 

✅ Step 4: GO!

When you plan out your week ahead of time, you are going to feel so much more confident because you know exactly what you have going on and exactly what you need to do. All you have to do now, is TAKE ACTION and GO!

Try this out! Get consistent each week using your planner and making a game plan!

If you want to use my favorite planner, check out the link here! I LOVE IT!

Keep on keepin’ on,

💕 Paige


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