NFL Players use self talk every Sunday!

May 09, 2020

I watched this Youtube video about these NFL players who use self talk during warm ups and throughout their games and it was really cool because…

BIG 👏 TIME 👏 NFL 👏 PLAYERS are using positive self talk! What?! 

They weren’t just writing it down though, they were saying it out loud.

Here are just some of the self talk I heard from these big guys… 

🗣 “I’m a playmaker.” - Glover Quinn

🗣 “I was made for this.”

🗣 “Who do you want to be?” - Randall Cobb

🗣 “How do you want to be remembered?” - Randall Cobb

🗣 “I’m a gamechanger today.” 

🗣 “I’m #1, that’s who I want to be.” - Patrick Petersen

🗣 “I know I’m the greatest.” - Patrick Petersen

🗣 “Be great,”

🗣 “One play at a time.”

🗣 “Whatever happens, happens.”

Your self talk has to become part of your game. Part of your warm ups. Part of your routine. It has to become a part of YOU. 

You have to walk the walk and talk the talk when it comes to your self talk.

I know a lot of girls would think…

“But, I don’t want to sound conceited.”

It’s not being conceited. It’s giving yourself a pep talk. It’s telling yourself and reminding yourself of WHO YOU ARE! You better start believing it!

And don’t get me wrong, these guys are hard on themselves too! But, I heard some of their “negative talk” when they messed up and it sounded like this...

“What am I doin’, I’ve got to finish.”

“I’ve gotta break a tackle.

“Gotta make that count.”

Honestly, this doesn’t sound too bad. It actually sounds like they are coaching themselves up. Giving themselves actionable items! 

The next play is the most important one!

We have to start telling ourselves what we WANT to believe. What we WANT to happen. How we WANT to play.

What are you going to start telling yourself?! Comment below 👇👇

Keep on keepin’ on,

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