Pain is necessary

I’ve been doing some learning myself. In this coaching program I am in, I heard this great example about how pain is necessary.

Shirzad Chamine, the coach of the Positive Intelligence program, explained that when you put your hand on a hot stove, that pain signals your brain to take your hand off the stove. Or else, you’re going to have a burnt-to-the-crisp hand. That pain is necessary.

This also goes for emotional pain. Our painful thoughts and feelings are necessary because when we have them, it is a signal to our brain to stop, pause, and redirect.

The problem is, sometimes we don’t stop, pause, and redirect to thoughts that are going to help us feel happiness, confidence, and be more successful. Sometimes, we get stuck.

That’s where mental training tools come in handy.

To stop and pause, I like to use breath. Taking a deep breath to get neutral again. Slow things down so you can make a better decision moving forward.

To redirect, I like visualization or choosing some positive self-talk (I have a freebie you can download that works on positive self-talk here).

This sounds pretty easy. Simple. But, it can be really difficult when you are in the thick of those painful thoughts and emotions. These tools take practice, just like your daughter practices her physical skills each week at practice.

Check out the resources I have for your daughter to start practicing these things right away!


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