Testimonial - She said "I am truly a good athlete"

Since mentoring girl athletes and helping them grow in confidence for 5 years now, I have noticed that these girls are sooooo humble. And you’re probably thinking, well, isn’t being humble a good thing? And, you’re right. It totally is. But, I feel like these girls are humble to a fault. They are so hesitant to even acknowledge how great they are. I have to really push them to say nice things about themselves. 

One of my favorite things about working with these girls is watching them be humble still, but also have bold confidence in themselves. I love hearing them say things like… 

👊I deserve to be here. 

👊I am the best hitter on my team.

👊I am great at what I do.

Hear what Kiara had to say about her journey working with me to become more confident in herself…


Did you catch it?! Did you hear her say towards the end… 


Music to my ears. 

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P.S. Here is a message she just recently sent me too! 👏👏👏

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