The little things that make a big difference in your athlete's results

Aug 22, 2022

Have you ever been frustrated because your daughter isn’t doing those little things that are going to help her be successful on the field/court and off? 

Like you’re always nagging at her to get those little things done? 

Well, I’m here to help! 

So, this week, I don’t have a tip for you to help your daughter, but just going straight to the punch by asking you to have her try a weekly Mindset Lesson because there is just something about hearing a message from someone else other than our parents.

This week in the Mindset Lesson, we are talking about the little things that make a big difference in your daughter’s results as an athlete (and as a young woman, let’s be honest)!

And, I’ll just tell you what that little thing is that I’m going to teach your daughter about in the lesson. 

It’s Post-Game Journaling. 

Maybe you’re thinking, “Thank goodness, I have Paige to teach this because she’s never going to this if I tell her to do it!”

There is a small percentage of athletes working on the little things, specifically the mental game, that makes a big difference in their results. That can be your daughter. 

I’m going to show her what the heck she needs to journal about after a game and why it’s going to help her be more successful.

So, what do you say? Ready to try this out, to help your daughter by adding the mental game with weekly Mindset Lessons!?

I’m ready for her.

Grab this week’s Mindset Lesson here! 

💕 Paige

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