The mental part of the game at WCWS

Jul 10, 2023

Sadly, the Women’s College World Series has come and gone. It always gives me all the feels and takes me back to the good ‘ol playing days. But, more importantly, so many of the girls that I work with in my programs noticed and paid close attention to these young women playing in the tournament. 

They noticed… 

👉 the pitchers' presence on the rubber 

👉 the hitters literally talking to themselves before they step into the box 

👉 how much fun the teams are having in the dugout 

👉 that anything can happen, it just takes one pitch to change the entire game 

👉 how calm and in control these athletes are in pressure moments 

Yes, it takes a lot of physical practice and training to get to where these young women have gotten. Hours and hours and hours. But, what truly separates them from the rest is their mentality. Their resilience. Their confidence. 

Having a confident presence, positive and empowering self-talk, being able to bounce back from mistakes, and having a sense of calmness in pressure moments takes practice too. That’s why I do this. Because I want girl athletes to have space to work on these exact things so they can shine in the big moments whether it’s at their travel tournament and the game is on the line or if it’s at the WCWS one day.

Some ways you can get your daughter to start working on her mental game: 

💛 Free Self-Talk Practice 

💛 Game Ready Confidence (A Pre-Game Mindset Routine)

💛 Free Discovery Call to find out more about my current programs!


P.S. I have some new freebies and new resources being created and I’m so excited to share them with you SOON!  

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