The moment that changed me as an athlete and a person…

Apr 23, 2020

BTW… I’m not going to give you a tip or an exercise or a lesson, but I am going to share something that will help you SO MUCH. 

Everyone has been talking about a pivotal moment. Something that changed them forever.

I didn’t think I had one. 


I’ve been doing some deep thinking about my journey to where I am at today. 🤔

And just like you, it’s had ups, downs, peaks, valleys, ultimate highs, ultimate lows, twists, turns, top-of-the-world feelings, and gut punches. 📈 📉

The moment that changed me as an athlete and a person… 

Was the beginning of my senior year of college.

Just to let you know… it hasn’t been all glorious rainbows and unicorns since my senior year, but this moment I’m about to tell you about was everything. 

This moment I’m about to tell you about was my first REAL step towards faith, towards God and his plan (and I didn’t even know it until today). 

I battled and struggled and clawed my way through my first 3 years of college when it came to being a hitter. 

💔Lots of strike outs. 

💔Lots of getting pulled because I wasn’t performing. 

💔Lots of pop ups. 

💔Lots of letting myself down. 

💔Lots of frustration. 

💔Lots of tears.

When my senior year came around I decided I was DONE being mad, frustrated, sad, stressed, angry, doubtful, worried, all of the emotions.

I decided that I was going to do the things I could control (finally). I decided I was going to show up and exactly who I wanted to show up as.






I decided I was going to be that girl, do the things I could control, ANDDDDD…. wait for it….


I went into my senior year thinking I’m okay with me no matter what happens this year. I am going to make the best out of this last and final year of my playing career. 

‼️Spoiler alert: I did really well my senior year. My best year yet at Northwestern. Woo!! 

‼️Spoiler alert #2: I get to help girl athletes do this same exact thing. That’s my job! It kind of makes me want to cry just being able to write that.

Today, I realized that moment that changed me as an athlete and a person was God’s plan. That sly guy! I let go and actually had faith in Him (even though I thought it was me at the time).

Whether you believe or not, my message is to have faith over your fear. I know it’s reallllly friggin’ scary to let go of those results, let go of what the old definition of success means, the stats, and the outcomes, but I promise it will change you.

This is what I do in my program, The Confident Athlete! 


Get your faith over fear booty in there! I can’t wait. 

Apply right here! 

Keep on keepin’ on, 


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