Want confidence? Celebrate the wins more!

Apr 18, 2021

If you are the girl who is…

😳 Super hard on yourself

😳 Your own worst enemy

😳 Let the results determine your play

😳 Always getting down on yourself

..then this one is for you girl! 

If you want to really believe in yourself and feel that true confidence, you HAVE to start celebrating the wins more.

This is all about balance. It can be a really simple shift of mindset!

As athletes our balance is usually tipped to one side. The side of being hard on ourselves, looking at what we need to improve on, what isn’t good enough, etc. etc., you get the point!

We rarely look at all the things we are doing well, like the consistency, the action we take, the little things!

I like to think of video in this situation. Athletes watch a lot of video, but usually we are looking at all the things that went wrong and what we need to improve -- which is a good thing because this is what makes us better….

But! I want you to start thinking about watching more of the video where you are crushing it, where you look and feel confident, where you felt that success.

It’s BALANCE! ☯️

I have a challenge for you! 

CHALLENGE: Write down 10-20 things you did well this past month!

Here are some ideas to get your brain thinking!

🌟 Supportive teammate

🌟 Practiced on your own time consistently 

🌟 Defense was on fire!

🌟 Stayed organized 

🌟 Was on top of your grades at school

🌟 Kind to someone at school

🌟 Asked for help at _______

🌟 Getting stronger

🌟 Woke up on time!

Do this more often and see what happens with your confidence! 👊

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Keep on keepin’ on,


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