Want your confidence to be consistent?!

Oct 04, 2020

I’ll give you the answer right away…


I had a Dad send me a message recently that said… “Not sure exactly what you are saying/doing with ________, but please keep it up. She was back to her old form yesterday. Pitched 2 gems. Much appreciated!!”

My response was… “Yessss (I get excited)! It’s all in there, just giving her some new tools!”

I want you to know that you have the confidence. It’s inside you. You just need a few tools to grow it and make it consistent.

You might be doubting what I’m telling you right now. Thinking… but, Paige… my confidence is…

😬 Up and down.

😬 All over the place. 

😬 Non-existent.

😬 So bad.

You’ve probably also thought… I’d do anything to be confident!

Well, here it is girl!

Choose 1️⃣ of these things and do it consistently.

I mean like every single day! Be a freakin’ rockstar at it!

✨ Write 3 affirmations down every day! Example: I am a game-changer!

✨ Visualize! Download my Free Visualization Practice Package

✨ Add some deep breaths to your routine.

✨ Write down what you are grateful for.

✨ Write down what you learned in your day.

✨ Write one thing that you love about yourself.

✨ Pray for what you need.

✨ Give a compliment to someone.

✨ Do something uncomfortable.

This is how you work on your mind. All of these things are pieces to growing confidence.

Comment 👇 below👇 which one you choose and do it every single day. Consistently!

Keep on keepin’ on,


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