Want your daughter to feel confident when her team is relying on her?

May 16, 2022

When I was playing softball at Northwestern, I really struggled hitting my first 3 years there. A whopping .133ish average to be exact 😳. 

I remember thinking when I went up to bat and runners were on base, or my teammate drew in a walk and it was up to me to get a hit and score some runs for my team…

🤯 “$&!%, now I HAVE to get a hit.”

🤯 “I better get a hit or I’m going to get pulled out of the lineup.”

🤯 “Please don’t throw me inside, just give me something easy to hit.”

🤯 “I just want to get this hit so bad…”

Just writing these down I can feel the fear, the scarcity mindset, the doubt, the worry. This is no way to be confident and get the damn hit!

It wasn’t until my senior year when honestly, I was kind of like “screw it, I’m just going to go have fun, do my best, and whatever happens, happens.” This was a total shift in mindset for me that I didn’t even know was happening. 

But, I started going into my at-bats thinking this…

🤩 I can freakin’ do this.

🤩 Hitting is easy.

🤩 I can touch and hit anything this girl throws me. 

🤩 I get to do this and have this opportunity! 

Sounds and feels a whole lot different, huh?! 

I doubled my batting average, tripled the amount of at-bats I got, and had way more fun my senior year. 😍

It’s all about what your daughter is thinking about.

We will be working on this in weekly Mindset Lessons.

👉 Figuring out what she WANTS to feel

👉 Figuring out what she WANTS to believe

👉 Figuring out what she WANTS to think

Rather than the doubt, fear, negative thoughts rattling around in her brain in those pressure moments right now.

This is how she shows up and feels confident when her team is relying on her 💪

So, what do you have to lose?! Sign her up for a lesson this week and see what she learns!

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💕 Paige

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